Mayflower: a new traditional model?

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Mayflower: a new traditional model?

Post by Edwin Corrie » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:24 pm

I found this in an online copy of an book called "Constructive Work" by Edward Worst, published in 1905. There are many old books like this that explain things you can make from card and also some simple traditional paperfolding models. Many were for educational purposes and use in schools, using paperfolding in the way that Froebel did.

Anyway, this particular book only has a couple of folded models, but one which he calls "Mayflower" caught my eye as I hadn't seen it before and it makes quite a nice little boat model ("Mayflower" being of course the name of one of the ships that took the Pilgrim Fathers to America).

So is this a "new" traditional model, or just one that was new to me?

Attached is a scan of the relevant page (sorry, I haven't worked out how to post images yet). The book can be viewed here:

The text is not very clear so here it is typed out again:

"Hold each paper with white side toward you. Fold diagonals. Fold each corner toward you to the center where the diagonals cross. Reverse the paper so that closed side is next to you. Fold three corners to the center. Reverse paper again, holding it so that unfolded corner points up. Unfold the lower corner letting it point down. You will see four corners meeting in the center of the paper. Take hold of the two lower of these corners. Pull them forward and sideward until the corner of the paper which pointed down is drawn up to the center. The lower part of the folding will now assume a boat shape. Crease along the right and left edges. There are still two corners left at the center of the paper. Fold each of these corners outward making a crease which runs from the edge of the boat to the upper corner of the paper. The triangles thus formed make the sails."

(Other interesting books are available on the same website; if I have time I will post some of them, but if you want to browse their category of "paper work" you can: ... er+work%22.)
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