How to teach paper-folding by Lucy R Latter

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How to teach paper-folding by Lucy R Latter

Post by Nick » Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:49 pm ... latter.jpg[/imgright]I picked this slim volume up many years ago for a few pence. Published in Chicago in 1899 by E.L. Kellogg and Co. It's a 30 page booklet 12x18cms, described as " a practical manual for primary and kindergarten teachers".

Most of the designs appear to be napkin folds and it's interesting to see the "new ground form" (preliminary base). The term (and earlier reference to kindergarten) would seem to indicate it's derived from Froebel principles, althoguh none of his classic shapes are within. Does anyone have an earlier edition or have information about it?

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Lucy R Latter and the editions of her paper folding book

Post by Joan Sallas » Wed Dec 07, 2011 12:16 am

revised the 30th December 2014

Lucy R. Latter was 'assistant superintendant of method in infant schools under the London School Board' and she writed many books in froebelian sense. One of them was “Paper folding for schools: a graded set of new exercises for children from six to ten years of age” (London & Liverpool: George Philip & Son, 1893, 44 pages).

She published her “Paper folding for schools” again in a volume bounded together with three other own books (see the titles at the end of this article) and two other books of Dora Pearce (“Clay Modelling for Little Ones. A graduated course for infant and junior classes”, London & Liverpool, ca. 1894) and Florence Thirkell White (“Tinsel Work or Dolol’s Furniture Making. A new and atractive occupation for children”, London, Liverpool: 1895), all the six books under the title “Child Life, Varied Occupations. Paper Folding, Open or Cross Weaving, Weaving in Straw, Clay Modelling, Knotting & Looping, Tinsel Work” (London: George Philip & Son, ca. 1895). The paperfolding book was the first bounded.

1899 it was published again a revised edition of “Paper folding for schools” under the title ”How to Teach Paper-Folding. A Practical Manual for Primary and Kindergarten Teachers” (Chicago: A. Flanagan Company, with copyright in 1899, 30 pages). Nick Robinson shows in his post the title page of this edition. Curiously, in the book is nowhere printed that this is a revised edition on 1893.

In the 1893 edition the folding models are in three groups: I. Objects obtained from the Square by a combination of the rules of edges and corners; II. Table-napkin forms from the oblong; III. Table-napkins forms from the square. In the 1899 the secord group will be doubled, and so appear four groups.

All the models of the 1899 edition appear in the 1893 edition, but in the 1893 edition are 13 models that not appear in the 1899 edition: Another College Cap, A Spectacle Case, A Deep Pocket, A mitre, A Cardinal's Hat, Another Cardinal's Hat, A Muff, A Ship in full Sail, A Lady's Slipper, The “Lily-leaf”, An Archbishop's Mitre, The “Lily”, Another Archbishop's Mitre. The big part of models published in 1899 were not published in other english books, but many of the suppressed models (all very beautifull) were published in other victorian napkin folding books. The observance to this fact permit supose that perhaps the supression was caused for the copyright. But that's only my suspicion.

I want remark a relevant aspect of Latters book: it is one of the few folding books that follow the european tradition to use paper to learn the napkin folding art (mainly by adults) and use napkins to learn to fold well (mainly for children). From 17th century until Maria Montessori we have enough witness to this didactic habitude, and that explain why in Europe the paper-folding and the napkin-folding technic have frequently the same bases and the same sequences. If I have the time, I would explain my research about the origin of the troublewit in the napkin folding exercices with paper, but now I retun to Lucy R. Latter.

At the least were published editions of ”How to Teach Paper-Folding” in 1916, 1920, 1923, 1928, ca. 1930 and 1932. All this editions have the printed mention 'revised edition', which not appear in 1899. I supose the revision means in relation to the 1983 edition, because they have the same models, content, publisher and title as 1899. The picture of the titel page change in the 1920 and 1928 edition. A copy of the 1920 edition was 1997 accquired in the BOS Library wenn the Society bought the nordamerican collection of Ev. Gloe. I saw never the 1932 edition, which is in the OUSA-Library in New York. I spended 2003 some hours searching other matters in this library, but sadly I don't looked Latters publication.

In his “Bibliography of Paper-Folding” (1952) mentioned Gershon Legman only the 1899 edition of Latters book, and say that it was published in New York and Chicago by 'Kellogg'. I don't know if Legman refers to another reprint that I don't know, but the 1899 edition was published by A. Flanagan Company only in Chicago. In the same book is 'E. L. Kellogg & Co.' as owner of the copyright mentioned. Legmans informations are generally contrasted, but we can't exclude a confusion. Legman taked for his Bibliography many informations from the bibliographic dates (frequently wrong) that appear in several books of Vicente Solórzano Sagredo in the 1930s and 1940s, but Latters book isn't the case because Latter appear in a Solórzanos bibliography first in 1962 by “Papiroflexia Zoomórfica”.

From the 1893 edition of "Paper Folding for Schools" I know only samples in The British Library (only as microfilm made from a copy in the Bodleian Library), University Libraries of Cambridge, Oxford and Manchester, National Library of Scotland and in the PaDoRe Library/Archive (Germany). In the PaDoRe-Library/Archive are collected the original editions of 1893 (in the only one bounded edition that I know), 1899, 1916, 1920, 1923, 1928, and ca. 1930.

A paper folding book with the same title "Paper Folding for Schools" was published by Lilian Elliott (London: Charles & Son Ltd., 1st. ed. 1929, 2nd ed. 1936 together with M. Hopkins) but it have no relation with Latter work. In the same sense, another paperfolding book with the similar title "How to Teach Paper-Folding and Cutting" (Lebanon, Ohio: March Brothers, 1892) was published by of Norma MacLeod, but had nothing to do with Latter work too.

Lucy R. Latter writed too other educational books like:

# “Open or Cross Weaving in Paper and Cane. A graded set of exercises suitable for children from six and a half years of age and upwards”. (London, ca. 1894). Bounded in “Child Life, Varied Occupations”

# “Weaving in Straw, Cloth, or Felt. A geaded set of exercises suitable for children from six years of age and upeards”. (London: Georg Philip & Son, 1894). Bounded in “Child Life, Varied Occupations”

# “Knotting, Looping and Plaiting. A graded set of exercises suitable for class work for children from five to seven and a half years of age” (London: Georg Philip & Son, 1892). Bounded in “Child Life, Varied Occupations”

# “School gardening for little children”, (London, Swan, Sonnenschein & co., 1906).

# “W. & A. K. Johnston's Everyday-Life Series of Conversational Lesson Pictures”, (Edinburgh & London: W. & A. K. Johnston, ca. 1902).

# “Cane weaving for children; or, An educational method of hand training” (London, 1890). 18th edition 1906 in London by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons.

That's all what I know about this subject. I hope someone can complement it with comments or new biographic or bibliographic informations.

Joan Sallas
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Re: How to teach paper-folding by Lucy R Latter

Post by Nick » Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:11 pm

Yes, the copyright is by Kellogg, the publisher is Flanagan of Chicago. It's on Google books, but I can't see how to download it, if that is what GB offers. ... edir_esc=y

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