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Re: History of the valley and mountain folding lines

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:07 am
by Michel G
Joan Sallas wrote:We know today that the valley and mountain folding lines were used for other authors before Samuel Randlett and Akira Yoshizawa proposed them to the origami comunity.

They are enough witness of that, as Tom Tit [Pseud. of Arthur Good, 1853 - 1928] in "Joujoux en papier" ([1924]), J. C. Max in "Kartonarbeid" (6th edition 1933) or Erich Wittich in "Papierspiele. Band I." (Borna, Nov. 1945) and "Papierspiele. Band II." (April 1946).

So, to talk about the French book, "Joujoux en papier" published in 1924, the fact can be saw in the diagrams on page 72. (partial view attached)

And, it's mentionned without doubt on the text on page 71 :"Rappelez-vous bien que les plis marqués en lignes faites de petits traits sont des plis en creux, tandis que les plis marqués par des lignes faites de points et de traits sont des plis en relief."
which gives in English : "Remember that folds marked lines make small features are recessed folds, while the folds marked by lines made of dots and dashes are embossed folds."

ps: To see the complete book ... om_Tit.pdf