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Introduce yourself

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:13 pm
by Tamsyn Francoise
Hi, I am a newbie and very gratefull to Nick to have created a forum related to origami teaching and history.
After a long career of professional ballet dancer, I re-discovered paper folding, love from childhood . Later, of course I became a member of BOS and a member and origami instructor of NOA..
My interest in history in origami has been growing more and more thanks to David Lister and John Smith (among them)
I also love paper toy theatre, kirigami , any kind of papercraft, mathematics, games and puzzles, Tolkien and Jules Verne novels.
Kunihiko Kasahara is one of my favourite origami creators.
I live in Oslo, Norway

Thanks for any help.
PS: french is my mother language, so forgive my spelling.