Teaching from books?

What to teach and how to display them
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Teaching from books?

Post by Nick » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:52 am

How many of you follow the given sequence from a book when teaching? I tend to find that the best "live" method often differs from the diagram.

Edwin Corrie
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Re: Teaching from books?

Post by Edwin Corrie » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:24 am

I don't teach very often, but yes, I do change the sequences sometimes. It may be that a particular step can be done in a neat way which would have been hard to show in diagrams, or which would have had to be broken down into a lot of separate diagrams on paper. A simple example would be a Preliminary Base - there are various sequences for folding it, but if you're diagramming it's quicker and easier to just show the creases needed and say "Fold a Preliminary Base". In the case of my own models it's perhaps because it takes me a long time to do diagrams, and so short cuts are a matter of practicality. I also don't want to fill up five pages for a relatively simple model. For the same reason I often include two or three separate folds in a single step of the diagrams but wouldn't necessarily explain them at the same time when teaching. For example, when teaching I might do most or all the folds relating to the head of an animal first, then move on to the body or legs.

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