Dr. Nemesio Montero

People who have helped develop paper folding
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Dr. Nemesio Montero

Post by JGimeno » Thu Apr 12, 2012 2:02 pm

MONTERO PÉREZ, Nemesio (* 1907 Valladolid; + 1981 Valladolid): pediatrician and paperfolder Spanish. His love of "las papelitas" (“the Little Papers”), as he called them, came from his childhood and then fed by what would be his physician, Dr. Silvino Tejerina, who taught including the Cafetera [“Coffee-pot”] and Pipa [“Pipe”], and some of the folding figures called "Trouble wit". To avoid memory leaks folding process of the figures he knew, drew diagrams and other than those that "by dint of going around the paper" is invented. In 1939, he published the collection of these drawings in his book El Mundo de Papel, with drawings of G. Miranda. His quest led him compiler to attend several sessions of a circus where he played a Belgian conjurer countless performed with a folded sheet folded in "zig-zags" and visit him in his dressing room to explain to him that he resisted. He corresponded with different folders Spanish to those who published some of his creations: Jaime Cano (Avión supersónico [“Supersonic Airplane”]), Enrique Cerezo (Oso [“Bear”]), Vicente Solórzano (Pavo real [“Peacock”]) Esperanza Montero (Caracol [“Snail”] and Ratón [“Mouse”]); and other published references only by "a young lady whose name is unknown Salamanca" (Cisne [“Swan”]), Miguel de Unamuno (Mosca [“Fly”]). His relations with Solorzano were very intense, to the point of being appointed by him, while he lived, "his representative in Spain," a pseudo-called "Asociación Universal de Papirolólogos" (ca. 1963), or custodian of his figures that Montero was saved in 1959 at the Museum of Natural Sciences of Valladolid until his death, which order to make a Origami Museum in Valladolid. Also received the visit of Robert Harbin, in 1972. In his pediatric practice permanently exposed to distracting children and adults, several dioramas of origami: "The Creche", "The Circus", "The War", "The Sermon on the Seven Words".
According to letter written to Félix Gimeno, of the works of creation, in collaboration with her sister Esperanza, are: Acorazado (??) [“Battleship”], Artesa [“Trough”], Borriquillo con aguaderas (??) [“Donkey with Panniers”], Cangrejo [“Crab”], Cofia de enfermera [“Nurse's cap”], Dromedario [“Camel”], Gallo [“Rooster”], Gorro de Legionario español [“Spanish Legionnaire Hat”], Gorro de lobo de mar (??) [“Cap Sea Wolf”], Gorro de soldado italiano [“Italian soldier cap”], Jirafa [“Giraffe”], Mesa con mantel (??) [“Table with tablecloth”], Mitra (??) [“Mitre”], Pez monstruo (??) [“Fish monster”], Pingüino [“Penguin”], Repisa para juguetes [“Shelf for toys”], Tanque de Guerra [“Tank of war”] and Violetero [“Container for violets”] (before 1939), and Cabeza nueva de hombre [“Man's new head”], Centro de sobremesa [“Center of Tablecloth”], Cogedor [“Dustpan”], Esquife (??) [“Skiff”], Foca [“Seal”], Golondrina en vuelo [“Swallow in flight”], Murciélago [“Bat”], Pato [“Duck”], Penitente encapuchado [“Hooded penitente”], Plancha [“Stean iron”], Toro español [“Spanish bull”] and Tortuga [“Turtle”] (before 1950).


# Montero, Nemesio: Mundo de Papel, El, Ediciones Infancia, Valladolid, 1939 (1st edition). From the 3rd edition: in Editorial Server Cuesta, Valladolid [1950?], Provides new figures.
# Correspondence Nemesio Montero- Enrique Cerezo : letters of 17/03/49, 21/11/50 and 22/08/59.
# "Un médico que hace maravillosas ‘pajaritas’”; A newspaper in Valladolid, 1957.
# S. X.: "Un mundo maravilloso: Entrevista con su ‘creador’, el Doctor Montero": Anunciata (Valladolid, Jan-Mar., 1967).
# Gomez-Santos, Marino: “La otra cultura: El mundo de papel”: Tribuna médica (Madrid, Mar. 29, 1972), p. 24.
# Correspondence Nemesio Montero-Félix Gimeno: letter of 20/12/77.
# Palacios, Vicente, “Montero a muerto”, Bull Pajarita, No. 0 (1981).
# Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia: Papiroflexia: A vueltas con el papel, (Zaragoza, 1993).
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Re: Dr. Nemesio Montero

Post by Joan Sallas » Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:40 am

Many Thanks to Juan Gimeno for the very interesting biographic and bibliographic informations about Nemesio Montero, a very important spanish creator and collector of origami models, author of the very impressive work "El Mundo de Papel" (Valladolid: Sever-Cuesta, 1939).

In the Padore Library / Archive is present the original 3rd revised edition of this book under the title "El Mundo de Papel: Trabajos manuales graduados. 3a edición notablemente aumentada" (Valladolid: Sever-Cuesta, [1940s]).

Do you know how many editons of this no dated book were published and in which years?
And which models were added in the 3rd edition?

Many thanks again to Juan Gimeno and to all that make a real efort to write here in english. I'm sure that the only-english-speaking members in this forum will apreciate it.

joan sallas

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Re: Dr. Nemesio Montero

Post by JGimeno » Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:45 pm

To my knowledge, there are 10 editions of the book of Montero.

# 1st ed. 1939, Valladolid, Ediciones Infancia, 72 p., 86 models.
# 2nd ed. 1943, Valladolid, Ediciones Infancia, 72 p., 86 models.
# 3rd ed. s/d (1951?), Valladolid; Editorial Server-Cuesta, 112 pp. 161 models.
# 4th ed. (?)
# 5th ed. (?)
# 6th ed. s/d (?), Valladolid; Editorial Server-Cuesta, 112 pp. 161 models.
# 7th ed. (?)
# 8th ed. 1965, Valladolid; Editorial Server-Cuesta, 116 pp. 161 models.
# 9th ed. (?)
# 10th ed. 1980, Valladolid; Publishing Server-Cuesta, 116 pp. 161 models.

I have the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th and the 10th. Data from the 2nd I have taken from the Biblioteca Nacional of Madrid (which also has the 3rd and 8th). The first editions have soft covers and are with black background; at least the 8th and 10th have hard covers and the background is blue (the spine of the 8th this brown scrim).

All models in the first 2 editions are numbered serially. From the 3rd edition and, at least until the 6th, the older models maintain the same number but the new models are interleaved with the same number of preceding it with a letter below. On the editions 8th and 10th the numbering is correlated and displayed in the index with an asterisk when are the original figures of Montero brothers (Esperanza and Nemesio).

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