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Yoshizawa's newsreels

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 5:32 pm
by jtbm71
Hi all.
I like to search about folding history in visual media. The newsreels files serve as an excellent source. I found many newsreels online related in British Pathé. Another source is the Gaumont Pathé archives. This one is more restricted to watch the videos, and they do not have all digitized and you have to pay a fee to watch it. Particularly, I found one related to Akira Yoshizawa, named "Paper dolls for abroad" from 1955. There is a pdf file with the script in English of the newsreel (origami is near the end) at ... 670_ds.PDF. According to the pdf file the newsreel was from Mainichi Sekai News, produced in Japan by Shin-Riken Motion Picture Company Ltd. I suppose the narration is in French.

The link with the info is at ... &langue=EN

Is this a new discover or is one of the films we know about Yoshizawa?

Jose Tomas Buitrago