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Leo Tolstoy's paper cockerels

Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:00 pm
by davemitchell
So this may be already well known ... but I had come across several references to there being some paper birds in the Vassily Polenov museum near Tula in Russia, one allegedly folded by Tolstoy himself, and I wanted to know if this was true ... so I emailed them. They sent me a photo showing four flapping birds ... of the traditional kind ... one of which bears a hand-written note that it was folded by L N Tolstoy on a train to Moscow in 1896. I asked for permission to share the photo on this forum ... but the museum said no! Everything else I know about Tolstoy and his cockerels is on my site at ... ngbird.htm. I'm wondering how much more about this other people alreaady know ...